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Power Flushing

This service is used to remove corrosive elements from the system to prevent damage to the system and its components.

  • FLUSHES SYSTEM including drain down, de-sludge & inhibitor.
  • CLEARS SLUDGE and most BLOCKED PIPEWORK enhancing the performance and efficiency of the heating system.
  • It PROLONGS THE LIFE and operation of your central heating system.
  • INCREASED PERFORMANCE AND EFFICIENCY ultimately means lower running costs.
  • Can REDUCE the likelihood of regular BREAKDOWNS.

What is Power flushing?

Some important things you need to know about power flushing and why it is so important

  • Power flushing is a rapid movement of water through the system, aided by the use of cleaning chemicals to remove deposits.
  • It is the only effective way to remove debris from the system.
  • Expelling the dirty water to drain and replacing with clean water from the mains supply, which can be done in either direction of flow.