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Carbon Monoxide Alarm

Are you safe in your home?

Your guide to the prevention of carbon monoxide poisoning

We have several incidents every year where we are asked to investigate suspected carbon monoxide present in people's homes. For this reason our engineers offer you carbon monoxide alarms. These are battery operated carbon monoxide detectors, which can be mounted near your boiler or any other gas-burning appliance. They can be easily removed and taken on holiday with you.

If you are interested in one please let your Servicing Engineer know on the time of his visit.

Who may require a C0 alarm?

  • Who may require a C0 alarm?
  • If you are a Landlord and let out a property with Gas appliances
  • If there is any opened flue type appliance in your home i.e. gas fires
  • You have a gas appliance in your bedroom / bathroom
  • If you wish to just have peace of mind in your own home or on holiday
  • Our detectors have an audible alarm that will wake you in an emergency

Remember: a carbon monoxide detector is NOT a replacement for an annual gas safety check or service.